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US-based Back Office Hedging

Hey all,
I know that the "hedging in the US" question has been asked multiple times, but going through the search results on /forex I haven't found a satisfactory answer. Maybe there isn't one?
My singular interest at the moment is to find a US-based broker (or, at least, one that explicitly accepts US traders and has a history of integrity) that permits back office hedging. I heard, in the wake of the regulations that made hedging in the US illegal, that back office solutions were available, but so far, asking around multiple brokers, I am told either that it is not supported by them or that there is some roundabout "hack" to get it working.
I am currently running multiple MT4 EAs on the same currency pair, each targeting a different element in the price action... or I would be, if TradeKing had back office hedging. I was told by an Oanda rep that I could synthetically hedge by using multiple MT4 accounts all linked to my main account, but what I don't get is where the "don't worry, we'll deal with it in the back!" brokers are. I'd like my EAs to all run on the same account on the same instance of MT4, and completely ignorant that the others exist.
Are there any US-based brokers using MT4 that support seamless, completely transparent back office hedging? I'll go with Oanda if such a thing does not exist, but of course, I'd rather do less grunt work rather than more.
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